Flower for every individual

Hijinks embraces the uniqueness of an individual’s experiences and journey, not just with cannabis, but in life.

As cannabis has become more accessible it has also become more commoditized. This has led to cannabis brands becoming disconnected from the diverse and endless reasons cannabis customers and patients choose to include cannabis in their daily lives. This ultimately leads to a truly personal and unique experience being treated as insignificant.

Hijinks aims to embrace the uniqueness of an individual’s experience and journey by breaking down boundaries created by the use of limited colors that try to tell YOU how to feel, self-serious and monochromatic branding, and the creation of metaphorical boxes that people are placed into.. 

Hijinks reinvigorates the spirit of excitement and discovery as well as compassion that is at the heart of the cannabis experience. With intentionally bold and diverse packaging design, consciousness of sustainable choices, relationships with those being creative and doing the most good everyday, and truly amazing flower. Hijinks is – “Flower for EVERY individual”